Cornelis Serveert develops collective thinking processes for multistakeholder challenges in the public sector. Our goal is to connect people and knowledge, so organisations are able to make clear and future-proof decisions.

How do we do this?
First we define the issue at hand in cooperation with the client. Next we provide recommendations regarding which process will lead to the desired answers and results.  Each individual process requires its own underlying strategy, which we also tailor to the organisation. This is where our Cornelis methodology comes into play: we get to work using methods that stimulate strategic creativity and participation.

 For the majority of our customers, we both develop these strategies and working methods, and lead the corresponding meetings. These meetings are sessions with varying numbers of participants; either online or in person. Over the course of the collaborative process, we continuously translate found results into follow-up steps, based on new insights. This allows for the making of careful decisions with a  well-established base, which are realistic in their implementation.  This is how we give structure to the processes of thinking and decision making

A nice achievement: Cornelis Serveert was named Social Innovator of 2019 by Het Financieele Dagblad [The financial daily newspaper]