Formats & Meetings for fresh perspectives

Our vision

The current knowledge economy asks for people and organisations with qualities such as flexibility, renovation power and empathy; fresh minds that dare to ánd can think differently. To develop and sustain these qualities, we’ve been organizing courses and gatherings in which we challenge participants to creative thinking- and working-processes since 2012. Like this we search for solutions to complex dilemma’s and smart innovations together and possibly enable changes that contribute to a better world.

Our projects consists of 6 building blocks: creativity, strategy, flexibility, interaction, hospitality and design.

Creativity and innovation are inseparable. That is why we integrate playful, inventive and resolving perspectives. In this way we hand you the possibility to move borders and break through processes of thinking that are stuck: a condition for coming to new insights.

We use analytical modes of  thinking to clarify dilemmas and deconstruct them into overseeable proportions. Consequently we fittingly select a deliberate substantive interpretation. In this way participants are being involved in the most effective way, and we help clients to achieve constructive ambitions.  

We work with a small flexible team that is used to compose projects of manouvrable elements to take into account collaborations and the latest developments.

Interaction stimulates participation. That is why we organise active settings in which everyone participates and contributes. Refreshing and strategic game elements play a central role.

Charm, optimal service and hospitality are part of the DNA of Cornelis Serveert. From the first moment on, we aim to set the right ‘tone of voice’.

Beautiful design is convincing. That is why for us an appealing setting is the starting point to communicate a message. We support all our projects with their own visual identity to create a suiting holistic experience.