Formats & Meetings for fresh perspectives

Our vision

The current knowledge economy requires people and organisations with qualities such as, flexibility, renovation power and empathy. Fresh spirits that dare to and actually can think differently.

Project studio Cornelis Serveert spreads the belief that creative processes and playful interchange programmes develop and maintain these qualities. That’s why we organise meetings that move and challenge stakeholders to adopt a new perspective.

The building blocks of our projects are creativity, inventiveness, interaction, participation, service and design. These elements are weaved into unique projects based on your requirements.

Creativity and innovation are inseparable. That is why we integrate challenges in our projects that ask for a playful, innovative and problem solving vision. Your horizon will immediately be expanded in the process and you will be able to step away from traditional thinking patterns.

Interaction stimulates participation. That is why we organise active settings in which everyone has to participate and contribute. This way new insights are generated and acquired.

Beautiful design is convincing. That is why we think an appealing setting is the starting point to lead a target group into a story or challenge. We give every project its own characteristic visual identity and create a holistic experience. Within this project we provide an optimal service and excellent hospitality. Food design plays a key role because we believe in the connecting power of good food and beautiful design.