Our vision

The current knowledge economy requires people and organizations to possess qualities such as flexibility, innovative power, and empathy; fresh minds that dare to act and think differently.
In order to develop and maintain these qualities, we have been organizing programs and meetings since 2012 in which we challenge participants to develop creative thinking and work processes. Together we want to find solutions to complex issues and enable smart innovations that contribute to a better world.

These ingredients form the basis of all our projects:

Fresh thinking and breaking through fixed thinking patterns are essential to innovation.
That is why we integrate playful, inventive, and solution-oriented perspectives.
This way we can offer tools to stimulate creativity in a targeted way and push boundaries.

Solving a question together only works when the question is asked correctly.
That is why, as a standard part of our working process, we work together with the client to focus and narrow down the issue. Based on the issue we then design a strategy to arrive at targeted answers with participants. Collective thinking processes, team involvement, and strategic follow-ups are central to this process.
This is how we provide direction to innovation.

High work pressure combined with a lot of digital stimuli is characteristic of the current working environment.
In order to bring focus and peace of mind, we set aside time in our processes to be ‘offline’ and to have real conversations.

Interaction stimulates involvement.
That is why we organize stimulating settings in which everyone participates and contributes.
Together with the client we determine the frameworks for co-creation and the elements in which participants can express their thoughts and ideas.

Charm, excellent service, and hospitality is part of Cornelis Serveert’s DNA.
From the first moment we want the tone of voice of a project to match the intended ambitions.
We are also responsible for the design and suitable visual identity of a project.