At Cornelis Serveert we work with our own modular method, which we continue to develop and refine. The method encompasses tools and working methods that effectively connect people and knowledge. Modular means: for each trajectory we select the most appropriate elements to achieve the desired results. With this approach we thoroughly challenge collective intelligence.

We embrace elements from Co-creation as a design method as well as the Design Thinking approach.
Co-Creation: is a form of collaboration in which all participants influence the process, using its characteristics including common ground, dialogue and decisiveness.
Design Thinking: a human-centred approach to innovation, in which the needs of the end user are key.

What this means for us:

  • Our working methods are aimed at creating as much dialogue, exchange of knowledge, crosspollination, and communality, as possible.
  • We create stimulating settings in which everyone participates proactively.
  • We focus on analogue working methods with a playful character, which aren’t rocket science, but do encourage intuitive collaboration, even during online sessions. We prefer to avoid technological gadgets. This allows us the opportunity to remain adaptable and prevents unnecessary distraction from the development of knowledge.
  • In our working methods we implement ways to translate new insights to a concrete course of action. With these ingredients we develop a Recipe for the Future: a brief strategic document containing tools and actions.
  • In order to guarantee structure and focus, we monitor every phase of the process that we design. We create timelines for topics and decisions. We highlight priorities and provide sharp rounds of feedback, in which we clearly determine who participates when.