Cornelis Serveert was founded in 2012 by Veerle Devreese and Sophie van Rijswijk. Two creative thinkers, connectors, and organisers, through and through. Veerle and Sophie are always the first faces you encounter at Cornelis Serveert. However, they will happily and quickly connect you with the rest of their small but experienced team. Consistently supplemented with a close-knit pool of independent contractors, in order to ensure flexibility and tailored approaches for every project.

In the team you will encounter process consultants, change experts, jorject leaders, graphic designers, (copy)writers and discussion leaders. We combine background in the creative industry, policy and management, didactics, and group dynamics. 

You can expect us to be analytical, critical and practical, but first of all keen to get to work with empathy and full dedication. We highly value optimal service and pleasant interaction amongst ourselves and with our clients.