Example: Teambuilding DNV-GL


A distinctive kick-off for an intensive cooperation session for 7 international experts revolving around innovative solutions for generating sustainable energy.


Cornelis Serveert developed the team building programme ‘Feed Forward’ in which strategic teamwork, ingenuity and creativity were the core elements. Team members were set a task in which they were challenged to design a dinner and dinner setting out of thin air.

A list with ‘to do’s’, tools, ingredients, (upsetting) rules of the game and bonus points for inventiveness formed the basis of the strategic team work and creative solutions. Playful elements, such as an energy bike with which a team member had to generate energy before the other member could blend a pesto paste, hinted at the theme that brought the scientists together.


This is the result of the project:

  • A rewarding and advantageous kick off in which the team members started the teamwork programme energetically.
  • An insight in each other’s working method, expectations, talent and potential.
  • Pride in the results they booked.
  • 4 months later: a champagne toast on the successful finish of the research programme.
  • ‘The feeling that we’ve known each other for years while we’ve only just met today’.