Cornelis Serveert is a creative consultancy firm.
Organisations in the public sector, such as
governments/public authorities, educational institutions, and advocacy groups come to us to unite stakeholders on complex issues, in a way that optimally connects people and knowledge, and softens the sharp edges of difficult conversations. We organise meetings in which we focus on providing a safe framework for conversation and in which diverse voices are heard equally.
We use creativity as our weapon. 

We guide course determination processes in a variety of fields: mobility, spatial planning, international solidarity, social innovation, or sustainable food chains.
Emphasising collaboration.
Because top down decisions are a thing of the past, and together we know a lot more


What you can expect from us: 
1/ our modular Cornelis-method
2/ conscientious event management
3/ efficient leading of discussions
4/ concrete tools for future progress

We guide projects from A to Z: from defining the fundamental question of our clients, to the organisation of smart meetings, the direction of the to be had conversations, to the writing of Recipes for the Future. The fundamental objectives always constitute the common thread.

The focus of every project: our digital and physical meetings. During these meetings we facilitate social encounters and conversations, creating a platform for the sharing of knowledge and an improved understanding of one another. Based on the question in question, we combine and apply the most fitting modules of our Cornelis-method. These methods stimulate open dialogue and creative insights. 

Our Recipes for the Future bring together the obtained insights to ensure that they are put into effect. All participants receive a carefully written and designed copy of this Recipe at the end of the process, providing a framework such as game rules or tools for which everyone is responsible.


Our meetings and the resulting Recipes for the Future are not a goal. They are a means of starting conversations between people and finding a common ground, ensuring that everyone genuinely understands one another. We stimulate genuine concern and search for solutions together. 

In a relatively polarised society, we dream of a world in which we don’t just have opinions and shout them from the rooftops without looking for solutions together, but instead dare to sharpen these opinions using the insights of others. A world in which our thinking is fully autonomous, but we are willing to do it collaboratively. 

We like a challenge, so we go against the grain.  Because we truly believe that genuine curiosity about the perspective of others will allow for better problem solving. For this reason Cornelis Serveert builds arenas for exchange at an equal level.

Or like bridge builder Alexander D’Hooghe put it: “When humanity could still collaborate and we all spoke each other’s language, we built a tower that went straight to the heavens. A tower that surpassed even God. If we could build more of these Babels together, we’re doing well.